Sunday, April 6, 2014

Well Hello Spring.

There is just something about spring time...  its magical and entrancing, hopeful and renewing.  It's all the little things and all the big things that I adore.

Every year I try to decide whether spring or summer is my favorite season ( I know, I know, rough decisions I make around here).  I keep rationalizing that it has to be summer because I truly do wish that it could be summer all year round, but you know what?  There is something wonderful about anticipation and progression and that's what spring is to me.

As the warm spring sun shines through the grays of late winter, I start to notice all the amazing little wonders that make up this world and my life.  I very much start to feel grateful as my eyes focus on the determined little buds of flowers poking through the thawing ground.  Life.  It begins again.

I focus on the sweet black lambs that are born to our neighboring farm on the hill.  As I leave my home, I smile as I see them hopping and playing behind their mothers.  Life.  Its playful and new and so full of joy.

Its as if the spring rain just envelopes everything that might have gone wrong and washes it clean saying, "Here, try again."    Life.  It's hopeful and I am so grateful.

Something about spring helps me to slow down and focus on the little miracles of life and for that I must always choose spring!  Summer is my vacation, but spring is my life.

Well hello Spring!

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