Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just a note about boys and men

The last few weeks I've had the joy of picking up the kids from school because they might be a little spoiled  and "cant walk in the cold snow".  haha.  Being there everyday, I have started noticing a few things.

 For example, the mom who puts handsanitizer on her gloved hands before and after she enters the school  and who knows how many times in between.

or The grandpa, that at first glance looks like a creeper that should be reported for lurking around the school but who turns into a little child himself when his two grand kids come running to him.

 or The large amount of stick figure families on the back of the herd of mini vans.  Ugh.

But the thing that got me really thinking was what happens after the bell rings. I started to notice that as the bell tolled, the first kids to come bounding out those doors everyday were always joyful little boys.  They did not just mosey out of the school, but exploded out with laughter and freedom on their faces.  They were free!  They had done their time and were now on to better things!  I started to think, "what a shame that these creatures are the same ones that would be required to spend their days couped up in an office, day in and day out, as they got older and took on the responsibility of being a supporter."

These days a lot of little boys have grown up and decided to continue being little boys.  College enrollment for males has dropped significantly during the last few years and the amount of dads walking away from the responsibilities of raising their children is staggering.  A problem us moms need to help eradicate in the future.

But Today I am thankful for the men in my life that have decided to take on the mantle of manhood.  To take responsibility for their actions, and to work hard every day to support themselves and their families.  To continue their education and learn not only the things they need to help their careers, but also to learn the things that will help the world: ethics, manners, and respect.  Namely, I am so thankful for my husband and how hard he works to keep me and the five littles happy.   And thank you to all the other men out there that are doing the same so that this world will be a little better for my children.

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